Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Inspiration Of Creating a Scavenger Hunt!

A scavenger hunt by far is one of the oldest games out there today, but in the same time one of the most played games that ever was. There have been so many versions of the typical scavenger hunt but all in all it is always a fun and original event. Most people ask where you get the inspiration in order to create a hunt. Sometimes you have to look back at your childhood and remember old outdoor games you played as a kid, or you can always turn to movies. From Rat Race, Scavenger Hunt, Midnight Madnes, Davinci Code and many more you can always get inspired on getting ideas to clues. Another way to get more ideas is to go to a downtown area or city and start taking notes. Once you are finished taking your notes, go back and closely review them. With all the information you gathered you will slowly start to develop clues, items, and a concept to your game. But I believe the inspiration always comes from films, tv, books and in most part childhood.

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